Welcome to the LOS Advisors Series!

I understand that being a “Financial Advisor” requires wearing many hats. It can also be very difficult to keep up with the ongoing mortgage program changes and how they can effectively be used to benefit your client. To help eliminate that burden. You will find short weekly videos, sharing how a specific program can be applied. “Leverage + Opportunities = Solutions” I hope you enjoy the "LOS Series'. 
Richard E. Widmer 
VP TFS Mortgage Corp. Inc.

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The history of "The Leverage Corner"

Ep.1 LOS Advisors Series- "Reverse Mortgage Refinance used to cover income shortage"

Ep. 2 LOS Advisor Series- "Need to use most of the Equity for cash out? How the VA or FHA Refi can help!

Ep. 3 LOS Advisor Series- "Reverse Mortgage Purchase in ACTION"

Ep. 4 LOS Advisor Series- "Avoid PMI." 

Ep. 5 LOS Advisor Series-  "What is the smallest down payment?"

Ep. 6 LOS Advisor Series- "Should they refinance?"

Ep. 7 LOS Advisor Series- "How can a Renovation loan help?"

Ep. 8 LOS Advisor Series- "No Rate is Created Equal"

Ep. 9 LOS Advisor Series- "Reverse Mortgage in Simple Terms"

Ep. 10 LOS Advisor Series- " Reverse Mortgage Basics

Ep. 11 LOS Advisors Series- "Leverage Builds Wealth"

Ep. 12 LOS Advisors Series- "Changing Your Mindset"

Ep. 13 LOS Advisors Series- "Don't Miss an Opportunity"

Ep. 14 LOS Advisors Series- "Who is best suited for a Reverse Mortgage?"

Ep. 15 Los Advisors Series- "What's the difference Commercial vs Residential?"

Ep. 16 Los Advisors Series- " Should I refinance?"

Ep. 17 Los Advisors Series- "Reveres Mortgage Costs"

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