"The Reverse Mortgage-Case Study 1"


Health care continues to be one of the largest expenses in retirement. 

How to cover the cost when the time comes is a very real concern. 

When should you retire?

Start Social Security?

Sell your home and downsize?


These are all the normal outlets that could help cover the cost when it is needed the most. 

For the client that is a homeowner and has equity. Another strategy that is underutilized is the "Reverse Mortgage Strategy". 

It can give a great opportunity in various ways to tap into the equity available.


Let's take a look at Case Study 1.


Mr. and Mrs. Case Study own a home valued at $450,000.

They owe $150,000 on the first mortgage with a 15-year term.

They are both 65 years young.


By refinancing with a Reverse Mortgage. The $150,000 loan is paid off and the current $1100 principle and interest payment is illuminated.


They also have the choice to get access to 69k as a line of credit or $335 per month or mix and match to their needs.


They can see $1435 in monthly disposable income. That can put them in a position to pay now or prepare for the needed health Care security they are looking for.


This can be a huge game-changer!!!





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