Welcome to the Leverage Corners Educational Platform where you will find the "LOS Training Series" and other helpful resources. It will be an ongoing collaboration of short educational videos addressing all areas of the mortgage industry through the eyes of you the "Licensed Mortgage Consultant". I hope you find them helpful and if you don't see a question answered. Let me know it can add it to the collection. 

"Leverage Is the Key to Homeownership"
Richard Widmer -Vice President

LOS Training Series Intro.

Ep. 1 LOS Training Series- Setting the Stage with Income, Assets, and Credit.

Ep. 2 LOS Training Series - How to determine debt ratios? What to use?

Ep. 3 LOS Training Series- Can you Beat this? No rate is created equal!

Ep. 4 LOS Training Series - Reverse Mortgage 101

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Ep. 5 LOS Training Series - Broker vs Banker

Ep. 6 LOS Training Series - The Financial Planning Software that will allow you to uncover all "Leverage Opportunities"? Listen to  Thomas P. Hyland - President of Tomorrows Financial Services, Inc. share how he puts his customized software in action! 

Ep. 7 LOS Training Series- Going over Credit

Ep. 8 LOS Training Series- Setting the expectations

Ep. 9 LOS Training Series- Commercial Lending

Ep 10 LOS Training Series- How to submit a Loan.

Ep 11 LOS Training Series- All Things TFS Website

Ep 12 LOS Training Series- How to Apply Online

To download a copy of the software go to www.tfsweb.com and click the mortgage tab at the top. Purchase and Refinance are available. 

Keep coming back! More to follow!! 


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